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South-south Cooperation
12 May 2015
Aprovechar el conocimiento tecnológico de la antigua China
La producción y la productividad agrícola en el África subsahariana siguen siendo considerablemente inferiores a la media mundial. Es urgentemente necesario abordar el déficit de producción y mejorar la capacidad de adaptación de los territorios agrícolas en dicho continente, teniendo en cuenta el rápido crecimiento demográfico y el cambio climático. El interés por incrementar de forma sostenible la productividad del cultivo de arroz y la acuicultura en todo el continente es hoy más alto que nunca. 
Private Sector
09 Apr 2015
09/04/2015 - Since the agreement between FAO and Rabobank Foundation was signed in 2013, the two organizations have made great progress in joint programs in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. The cooperation is based on the complementarity of the two organizations. Where FAO has extensive knowledge and experience in agricultural development, the Foundation can provide loans to help small-scale farmers access finances from existing financial institutions in their countries. It can also provide a track record for potential future financing by financial institutions. In addition, both FAO and the Rabobank Foundation have experience in providing capacity building in areas related to...
South-south Cooperation
18 Feb 2015
No one feels the effects of climate change quite like farmers. In Mongolia, the growing season lasts for just 90 days and weather conditions have grown increasingly unpredictable, affecting crop production and, in turn, dietary diversity and nutrition. Malnutrition is high and diets are highly imbalanced.
South-south Cooperation
27 Nov 2014
The SSC programme started during the Obasanjo regime, with the signature of the first Tripartite Agreement between Nigeria, China and FAO  in February 2003 to launch e the first phase of the programme. The Government of Nigeria has been proactive in soliciting and coordinating exchange of knowledge through SSC and has allocated a total of USD 42.0 million from its own budget in support of the programme implementation.
South-south Cooperation
17 Sep 2014
Aquaculture production in sub-Saharan Africa remains low with a per capita consumption of 9.1 kg/year. The potential is unexploited, and countries such as the Republic of Namibia, which has one of the most productive fishing grounds in the world, also has great potential for freshwater aquaculture development due to its favorable weather conditions. However, there is a lack of high-quality fish seed and feed available, as well as limited technical capacity in the aquaculture industry. This project is finding innovative ways to produce fish in remote areas. Farmed fish can provide additional income and could guarantee a steady supply to...