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02 Nov 2018
A socially and environmentally sustainable new Colombian countryside
Agriculture has been one of the most affected sectors during the 50 years of internal armed conflict in Colombia, which saw over 8 million people officially registered as victims and some 7 million people internally displaced. With the end of the conflict in 2016, agriculture has become one of the most strategic sectors for maintaining and recovering the social fabric throughout the country, achieving equity, and constructing peace. Climatic variability has also severely impacted national agricultural production in Colombia. With remarkable frequency and intensity, events related to the El Niño and La Niña phenomena — landslides, floods,...
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30 Oct 2018
Strengthening the enabling environment for eradicating food insecurity and malnutrition
‘Nutrition-sensitive agriculture provides a new mechanism for us to develop food-based interventions that are beneficial to the people of Bangladesh. We already have some evidence on integrated homestead gardening, nutrition education and cooking demonstrations, integrated rice and fish cultivation, and nutrition-sensitive fish culture.’ Minister for Agriculture of Bangladesh In 2017, FAO celebrated the 40th anniversary of its work in Bangladesh. As one of the first international agencies to extend assistance to Bangladesh after its independence, FAO’s commitment to the country continues undiminished. ‘Meeting the Undernutrition Challenge’ (MUCH) is an ongoing FAO policy advisory project that...
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29 Oct 2018
Aquaculture systems and cassava value chains in West Africa
In Guinea-Bissau 80 percent of the population relies on agriculture for its livelihood and most producers, whether they are farmers, livestock owners or fishers, struggle to produce enough food to feed their families. Irregular rainfalls and volatile food prices contribute to food insecurity. In this context, migrating to larger towns, to neighboring countries or to Europe is an attractive option for young people. And while migrating might appear to be an attractive alternative to rural poverty for youth, opportunities also exist locally. Pitche village is located in the northeast of Guinea-Bissau, only a few kilometers from the...
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08 Oct 2018
FAO and the Australian government continue efforts to improve productivity and strengthen market access
"I’ve opened a bank account for the first time in my life using the money earned from backyard chicken farming. I now tell other women I meet to look at how this activity has changed my life." - Murad Bibi, poultry farmer and mother of 12 children, Balochistan 900 women trained in poultry management 708 farmers trained in vaccination 70 seasonal farmer field schools opened In 2017, FAO renewed its partnership with Australian assistance to agricultural development in Balochistan border areas through the Australia Balochistan Argibusiness (AusABBA) Programme. The initiative aims to reduce poverty and economic inequalities for some 175 000 impoverished rural...
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10 Oct 2017
El compromiso del Gobierno de Colombia para consolidar una paz sostenible se traduce en una serie de acuerdos de financiación —denominados fondos fiduciarios unilaterales— con la FAO con el fin de mejorar la gobernanza, los derechos sobre la tierra y el d
Desde la firma del acuerdo inicial de paz con las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) en agosto de 2016, el Gobierno de Colombia ha trabajado con afán con la FAO y otros asociados clave en un plan integral para la reforma rural con el fin de consolidar y mantener la paz en el país. El Gobierno se ha comprometido a financiar la mayor parte del acuerdo de paz con cargo a sus recursos nacionales. Este compromiso se ha traducido en una serie de acuerdos de fondos fiduciarios unilaterales con la FAO, por un importe de 46 millones de USD,...