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FAO’s Resource Mobilization and Management Strategy - Alexander Jones

Resource Partners

Alexander Jones, Chief of FAO’s Donor Relations and Resource Mobilization Team, outlines the objectives and strategies required in creating and maintaining partnerships.

Summary of FAO – China South-South Cooperation Programme

South-south Cooperation

Summary of FAO – China’s role in facilitating South-South Cooperation Programme.

FAO – China South-South Cooperation Programme

South-south Cooperation

An overview of FAO – China’s role in facilitating South-South Cooperation Programme.

El Club de Exportadores e Inversores Españoles compromete su apoyo financiero a la FAO

Private Sector

Los representantes de BBVA (David Albagli), Banco Sabadell (Enrique Larroque), el Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO) (Francisco Presencio) y Cofides (Salvador Marín), miembros del Club de Exportadores e Inversores Españoles, se reunieron con la FAO en su sede central en Roma, en el marco del acuerdo de colaboración firmado por [...]

South-South and Triangular Cooperation

South-south Cooperation

The basic goals of South-South Cooperation (SSC) are those of building partnerships, sharing resources and meeting development targets. There is mounting consensus around the world that this model provides an effective way of boosting development in agriculture. Watch this video for an insight into 

Interview with Etienne Hainzelin, CIRAD


Interview with Etienne Hainzelin at the Agroecology Symposium (November 2014) 

FAO Director-General meets with the Private Sector Mechanism

Private Sector

FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva urged private sector representatives to contribute to the creation of conditions that ensure responsible investments in food production and agriculture. “Help these principles become part of the environment considered necessary for investment,” Graziano da Silva said, referring to the Principles for Responsible Investment in [...]

2014 Civil Society Mechanism (CSM) Annual Forum

Civil Society

Civil society representatives met at FAO to assess the last five years of the Committee for World Food Security (CFS) during the annual forum of the Civil Society Mechanism (CSM).This video is an insight on their views about civil society's participation in issues related to food, agriculture and nutrition, and [...]

El Derecho a la Alimentación - La lucha de los Pueblos (FIAN International)


DerechoALaAlimentación, adoptadas por la Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y Agricultura (FAO). Para ello, la Red Mundial por el Derecho a la Alimentación y Nutrición junto con otras organizaciones de la sociedad civil y movimientos sociales unen sus fuerzas para evaluar la [...]

South-South Cooperation between China, Nigeria and FAO

South-south Cooperation

This video gives an overview of the impact of the China-Nigeria programme and the lessons learned from it.

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