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Intercambio FAO de Cooperación Sur-Sur | Laos y Brasil : mejorando la agricultura por contrato

South-south Cooperation

La Cooperación Sur-Sur es un excelente mecanismo para que los países en desarrollo compartan conocimientos y recursos en solidaridad y adapten experiencias que ya han funcionado bien en beneficio de otros.

Así lo hicieron Brasil y Laos en relación al desarrollo de la agricultura por contrato, que puede ser una opción [...]

Tembani – A Zimbabwean Forestry Officer tackling invasive pests

South-south Cooperation

This video tells the story of Tembani, an inspiring young Zimbabwean forestry officer who is battling against alien invasive pests that are threatening Eucalyptus trees and woodlots around the country. His work is being supported by FAO and the Africa Solidarity Trust Fund (ASTF) through training in integrated pest management, [...]

Best Practices through South-South Cooperation for Fall Armyworm Management in Africa

South-south Cooperation

Experts say that, in combating Fall Armyworm (FAW) infestations in sub-Saharan Africa, farmers should reduce as much as possible the use of chemical pesticides against which the harmful insects can build resistance, and also because the technique is neither economically nor environmentally sustainable and could present health risks.

Allowing the Fall [...]