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1 Minute Against Hunger - María Augusta Calle

Parliamentary alliances

1 Minute Against Hunger is a campaign that seeks to promote information and knowledge about the fight against hunger. 
María Augusta Calle - General coordinator of the Parliamentary Front against Hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Brazil recognizes South-South Cooperation as a key means to share its successful school feeding model with other countries

South-south Cooperation

Karine Santos is Coordinator for Brazil’s National School Feeding Programme (FNDE/MEC): “Brazil’s National School Feeding Programme marked last year its 60th anniversary. In the context of this programme, we have long time ago established a partnership with FAO. Dr. Graziano [FAO Director-General] represents this partnership. We have two specific [...]

Fight against hunger, PAP MP talks of its importance

Parliamentary alliances

Member of the Pan-African Parliament and of the National Parliament of Equatorial Guinea talks about their work for the fight against hunger.