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Why we partner

"Ending hunger cannot be done by any individual organization alone"

FAO Director-General, José Graziano da Silva

Member States have emphasized the importance of FAO working in partnership with other actors to enable it to fulfill its mandate, enhance its effectiveness in assisting its members to achieve their goals, and to ensure that it carries out its new Strategic Framework.

This Framework provides for a results-based system of management which defines FAO’s Core Functions as critical means to achieving results, by taking full advantage of the Organization’s comparative advantages. 

Strategic partnerships are a crucial enabler for achieving the Strategic Objectives, and in this respect, facilitating and promoting partnerships for food and nutrition security, agriculture and rural development is a core function of the Organization’s new Strategic Framework. 

By joining forces and working in partnership, FAO and its partners can support the achievement of FAO’s five Strategic Objectives.

In partnership, FAO can more effectively contribute to global efforts to eradicate hunger and reduce poverty, improving food access for the poor and vulnerable by working together with its partners. Partnerships also make it possible to mobilize the best available knowledge and capacities and provide the most effective services in working toward common goals.

Partnerships include those with UN agencies, funds and programmes, academia and research institutions, international financial institutions (IFIs) and inter-governmental entities. FAO also partners with Governments, civil society - including both people’s organizations and NGOs, producers’ organizations and cooperatives, and the private sector.