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Legislation on pastoralism

The following legal documents are extracted from FAO’s legislative and policy database, FAOLEX

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Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of the Croatia on cooperation in the field of environment, nature, water and forestry.

By the Decree No. 2017/10498 of the Council of Ministers of 3 July 2017, the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of the Croatia on cooperation in the field of environment, nature, water and forestry has been...

Crop Production and Livestock (Cattle) Rules.

These Rules regulate the grazing of bulls, cows, oxen, heifers and calves over one year old in controlled areas, i.e. the areas set out in the first column of the First Schedule to these Rules. Only cattle that have been branded in accordance with these Rules...

Décret 61.150/MER du 25 juillet 1961

Le présent décret fixe les règles d'utilisation des stations de pompage des ressources hydriques et des zones de pâturages. Ce texte prévoit de garantir les droits coutumiers reconnus aux collectivités dans les différentes zones exploitées. ...

Décret n° 2-90-107 du 21 chaabane 1410 (19 mars 1990) portant création et délimitation du périmètre d'amélioration pastorale de Tleta Loulad, cercle de Ben-Ahmed (province de Settat).

Le présent décret crée et délimite un périmètre d'amélioration pastorale de Tleta Loulad, cercle de Ben-Ahmed (province de Settat). La création de cette zone vise à limiter la dégradation des pâturages et en assurer la reconstitution en vue d’une exploitation rationnelle. ...

Loi n° 61-5 du 26 mai 1961 fixant une limite Nord des cultures.

Le présent décret fourrière des animaux errants au sein de chaque Commune. ...

Trust Land (Isiolo) Rules.

These Rules regulate the occupation of land, the possession of livestock and the grazing of livestock in the Isiolo Special Leasehold Area. They prohibit the occupation of land or the possession, herding or grazing of any bull, cow, ox, heifer, calf, sheep, goat, mule, donkey,...

Resolution No. 60/2018 approving the Strategy for Agro-silvopastoral and Environmental Development in the Maio Island.

The specific analyses of local development, with social, environmental and economic impacts, allowed to define eight strategic axes for the agro-silvopastoral and environmental development of the island of Maio: i) Silvopastoralism; ii) Livestock; iii) Agriculture; iv) Water resources; v) Environment and Tourism; vi) Food and Nutrition...
Cabo Verde

Resolution No. 49/2018 approving the Strategic Plan of the National Agricultural Research System (PE-SNIA) - 2017-2024.

Its mission is to achieve sustainable improvements in productivity, competitiveness and agricultural markets, meeting the fundamental requirements in technology, knowledge and technological innovations of the SNIA. Overall objective is to sustainably raise the incomes and well-being of the population by transforming and modernizing various sub-sectors of...
Cabo Verde

Legislative Decree 3 April 2018, n. 34-Consolidated text on forests and forestry supply chains.

The provisions here stipulated are aimed at ensuring the protection of forests and their ecological diversity and bio-cultural wealth; at promoting the active and rational management of national forestry assets in order to guarantee all sorts of environmental functions, economic and socio-cultural development; at promoting and...

Presidential Resolution No. PP-3603 “On measures for accelerated development of karakul sheep breeding”.

The President, in order to ensure further promotion of reform of the karakul sheep breeding sector, organization of scientifically based breeding work, procurement of high quality karakul sheep meeting the requirements of the world market, restoring the prestige of Bukhara karakul sheep breed and increasing the...

Decree No. 17 of the Ministry of Agriculture validating Veterinary and Sanitary Regulation on sheep breeding.

This Veterinary and Sanitary Regulation establishes mandatory requirements for legal and natural persons, including individual entrepreneurs, related to safety of works and services concerning keeping, breeding, reproduction, movement, trade, slaughtering of livestock, disposal, burial and destruction of carcasses of animals. Before the transfer of sheep to...

Resolution No. 110/2017 approving the Emergency Programme for Mitigation of Drought and the Bad Agricultural Year 2017/2018 and creating the Technical Steering Team responsible for coordinating all emergency operations.

The general objectives of the Programme are: Ensuring the islands' resilience to the drought and bad agricultural years, ensuring the livelihoods of affected families and the sustainable management of natural resources in rural areas. The Specific objectives are: 1. Minimize the problem of lack of water,...
Cabo Verde

Décret n°2017-1580 du 13 septembre 2017 relatif aux attributions du ministre de l’élevage et des productions animales.

Le présent décret fixe les attributions du ministre de l’élevage et des productions animales. Sous l’autorité du Premier Ministre, le Ministre de l’Elevage et des productions animales prépare et met en œuvre la politique définie par le Chef de l’Etat dans le domaine de l’Elevage...

Regulation implementing the regional Law 12 January 1994, n. 3 (transposition of the Law of 11 February 1992, No 157 "Norms for the protection of homeostatic wild fauna and for hunting venues") and of the Regional Law of 9 February 2016, no. 10 (Objective Law for the management of ungulates in Tuscany, amendments to Law 3/1994).

This Regulation further defines various provisions aimed to determine the rules governing over the hunting permits, registration and data delivery, issues covering the protection zones along the avian migration routes, management of restocking and capture areas, public breeding centers of wildlife in the natural state, and...
Italy (Toscana)

Décret n°2017-0698-P-RM du 14 août 2017 fixant l’organisation et les modalités de fonctionnement du Projet Régional d’Appui au Pastoralisme au Sahel au Mali (PRAPSMALI).

Les organes d’administration et de gestion du Projet Régional d’Appui au Pastoralisme au Sahel Mali (PRAPS-MALI) sont: le Comité d’Orientation et de Pilotage du Projet (COP); l’Unité de Coordination du Projet (UCP); le Comité régional de coordination de Zone du Projet; l’Unité de Coordination régionale de...

Regional Law No. 1660-Z N 963-V “On nomadic family”.

This Law establishes the legal basis for the preservation and support of a peculiar social institution of the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), a nomadic family living in extreme natural and climatic conditions, which is the basis for the...
Russian Federation (Sakha (Yakutia))
2016 (2017)

Arrêté du 3 mai 2017 relatif aux actions des programmes régionaux « Valorisation du bois et territoire » des services communs « Valorisation du bois et territoire » des chambres régionales d'agriculture.

Le programme régional pluriannuel « Valorisation du bois et territoire » mentionné à l'article D. 512-2-3 du code rural et de la pêche maritime décline une ou plusieurs des actions suivantes: l'accompagnement de la structuration du foncier agricole et forestier public ou privé et la lutte...

Ordonnance sur les épizooties (OFE).

Cette ordonnance désigne les épizooties hautement contagieuses et les autres épizooties. En outre, elle définit les mesures de lutte et règle l'organisation de la lutte contre les épizooties ainsi que l'indemnisation des détenteurs d'animaux. L'article 2 énumère les épizooties hautement contagieuses, l'article 3 celles à éradiquer,...
1995 (2017)

Measures for the Administration of Central Finance Subsidy Funds for the Protection of Agricultural Resources and Ecology.

Agricultural resource and ecological protection grant funds are mainly used for farmland quality improvement, grassland grazing restriction subsidies and grass-livestock balance rewards, grassland ecological restoration and fishery resources protection. ...
2014 (2017)

Loi n°2017- 001 du 11 avril 2017 portant sur le foncier agricole.

Le chapitre VI prévoit un contentieux du foncier agricole qui inclut la prévention des conflits et de la conciliation préalable et la répartition des compétences entre juridictions judiciaires et administratives. ...
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