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Partners align activities for improved outcomes
Key stakeholders working towards sustainable pastoralism met during the Partners’ Meeting of the Pastoralist Knowledge Hub to reinforce their partnership and help redefine the role of the Hub for the future of pastoralism. Representatives from 20 different organizations participated in...
New FAO-IUCN publication reviews legal and policy arrangements for cross-border pastoralism
Mobility is the key strategy of pastoralists to adapt to variable resources and manage uncertainties found in the rangelands. In doing so, they may move within national territories or across borders, following fixed or flexible routes. At the same time,...

Despite harsh climatic conditions, Africa’s drylands support millions of people and contribute significantly to Kenya’s national economy, primarily through livestock products. However, these same areas are currently also bearing some of the heaviest burdens of climate change. With increasing population numbers, more frequent droughts and ever...

Climate change can cause long-lasting, more frequent dry spells – a particular problem for pastoralists in the Horn of Africa as this leads to livestock losses, increased food insecurity and spiralling poverty. In Mandera County in northeastern Kenya, FAO is supporting pastoralists...

Although agricultural policies in Europe can be thought of as being more comprehensive than in some other places of the world, pastoralists in Europe face several challenges akin to pastoralists from other parts of the world. With the aim of...
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