Центр знаний о пастбищном животноводстве


Le Sahel connait des transformations structurelles en milieu rural et des crises aux répercussions majeures sur les systèmes de production, les économies familiales et les conditions de vie et la sécurité des populations. Les populations pastorales sont particulièrement exposées à...
More family time and a higher income: Climate-smart livestock management shakes things up
Surrounded by orange, lemon and mango trees, we find Rebeca, Fedora, Natalia, Campana and Gertrude. They are five of the 21 cows that Marlene Vacusoy and her husband, Cornelio León, own, but managing cattle is relatively new for this Ecuadorian...
Более эффективное управление землепользованием могло бы решить проблемы пастбищных животноводов
Кочевые скотоводы зарабатывают себе на жизнь, перемещаясь со своим скотом между регионами и странами. Однако с момента введения ограничений на передвижение в связи с пандемией COVID-19 такие перемещения запрещены, что кардинально изменило их образ жизни. 
FAO campaign vaccinates 14.5 million goats and treats another 3.5 million animals to safeguard the country’s main economic activity
In late January, while FAO was launching its annual livestock vaccination and treatment campaign with various government institutions across Somalia, nobody could imagine the rollercoaster of a year that 2020 would become. COVID-19, floods and insecurity were unknowingly set to complicate the implementation of this animal...
Through radio or in classrooms, cattle camp schools ensure education, and greater food security and peace
In South Sudan, livestock means life. As South Sudanese herders put it: here, cattle can chase away hunger. Over 65 percent of the population relies on livestock for their survival. Children grow up on milk. Families survive on meat, milk and...
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