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A diverse and interactive panel discussion at the CFS 46
Policies and legislations should support initiatives that facilitate pastoral mobility, resource access and animal welfare. This was the key message at the side-event titled “Pastoral mobility and animal welfare in a changing landscape.”FAO’s Pastoralist Knowledge Hub, The Donkey Sanctuary and...
UNCCD COP 14 Side-Event
At the recently concluded United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) Conference of Parties (COP 14), a key outcome was the emphasis on placing people first. These include indigenous communities such as pastoralists, women and youth. In build-up to this...

Flowing in shades of green and brown to the horizon from the curves of Kenya’s largest river as it approaches the sea, the Tana Delta is a paradise for wildlife. Home to thousands of species of birds, mammals and freshwater fish,...
12 million animals vaccinated and regional cooperation on disease control increased
“My sheep and goats are my only source of income for my family. We consume their milk and meat and sell what’s left in the market to buy essential household and school items,” says Agha Ma, a female pastoralist in...

Khatmah thought the hima was lost forever. Decades ago the water in this dry rangeland surrounding her village in north-west Jordan had started to disappear, and it had become little more than a wasteland. “I thought it was pointless trying to...
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