Pesticide Registration Toolkit
Decision Support System for Pesticide Registrars in Developing Countries

FAO Pesticide Registration Toolkit

The FAO Pesticide Registration Toolkit is a decision support system for pesticide registrars in developing countries. It can be seen as a desk-top electronic registration handbook for day-to-day use by those involved in the registration of pesticides.

The Pesticide Registration Toolkit has two types of tools:

Under the Registration Tools menu, you will find technical advice on various processes and methods in pesticide registration, such as data requirements, assessment methods for parts of the registration dossier, decision making steps, etc. These are general procedures, applicable to all pesticides.

Under the Information sources menu, you will find links to many types of information on individual pesticides. This includes databases of registered pesticides, scientific reviews of pesticide, maximum residue limits, pesticide properties, etc. Much of this information is not maintained by FAO, but the Toolkit provides annotated links to the relevant web sites.

Visit the the Quick Start Guide to learn about the key features of the different Toolkit modules.

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The Pesticide Registration Toolkit is under continuous development; several modules are not completed and web pages may not yet be filled in. New modules and other major adjustments will be announced in the News section on the homepage.


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