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Checking approved labels

Pesticide labels tend provide information about authorized uses, directions for use, precuationary measures, hazard classifcations, among others. They may give useful information on how other regulatory authorities, as well as pesticide industry, have translated efficacy and risk assessments into practical advice to pesticide users.

Country Explanation Links
United States of America
Australia PubCRIS database
Canada Pesticide Label Search
Kenya Pest Control Products Board (PCPB)
Uruguay Dirección General de Servicios Agrícolas (DGSA)
Labels published by pesticide industry (no links)



Labels authorized by regulatory bodies


United States of America

The US Environmental Protection Agency manages the Pesticide Product Label System (PPLS). Pesticide labels can be found by entering the product name, the company name or the EPA registration number. If only the active ingredient name is available, e.g. because the product that is submitted for registration in your country has not been registered in the USA, similar products may be found through the Pesticide Product Information System (see"Checking for registrations elsewhere").

Searching PPLS will result in a list with one or more products. Clicking on the registration number yields a data page with a list of authorized labels. The label with the most recent date is the most up-to-date one.



Authorized pesticide labels in Australia can be found through the PUBCRIS Database, of the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). (see"Checking for registrations elsewhere", for more information).



Basic pesticide label information in Canada can be found through Pesticide Label Search of Health Canada. Pesticide labels can be searched by entering the active ingredient name, product name, the registrant's name or the registration number. The output of the search is a short summary of information about the pesticide product, but NOT the complete label.



Authorized pesticide labels are published in the pesticide registration database of the Pest Control Products Board (PCPB). After accessing the specific database for plant protection products, public health pesticides or technical grade materials, the labels is shown by clicking on the last column of the relevant product.



Authorized pesticide labels are published in the pesticide registration database of the Servicio Nacional de Sanidad Agraria – SENASA. Separate databases exist for plant protection products and veterinary products. After selecting a product or active ingredient, click on “Buscar” (for PPPs) or “Consultar” (for veterinary products) to obtain relevant registered pesticides; then click on “Etiquetas” to show the label.




Authorized pesticide labels are published in the pesticide registration database of Dirección General de Servicios Agrícolas (DGSA) of the Ministry of Agriculture. After accessing the Phytosanitary Products database, select a registered product or active ingredient. Click on the specific product of interest and find the link to the pdf label at the bottom of the entry.



Labels published by pesticide industry

Many pesticide companies will publish generic master labels of their products on their own web sites. In addition, some will also publish the labels authorized by national regulatory bodies on the national or regional web sites of the companies.

Registration authorities may wish to verify, however, whether the labels published by the pesticide companies are the latest versions authorized in the relevant country.



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