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FAO expresses its solidarity with the Filipino people in light of the current situation related...
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Despite the COVID-19 emergency, we remain "open for business"

FAO expresses its solidarity with the Filipino people in light of the current COVID-19 crisis. The Country Office enjoins the nation in complying with the national government's instructions for stringent, but necessary, protocols to control and stem the spread of this disease.

In line with this, FAO Philippines is implementing aligned measures to ensure the safety of our staff. Our Manila-based personnel will be temporarily working from home, adopting virtual meetings and interactions, and avoiding activities that require physical presence. These measures will remain in force until such time that the situation normalizes as determined by authorities. However, we remain OPEN FOR BUSINESS, sustaining engagement with our clients, partners, and stakeholders, and working with and supporting the government during this crisis.

We assure everyone that we will continue to deliver on our mandates amidst these trying times. Through our concerted efforts, we shall all come out of this crisis stronger and wiser. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

The report summarizes the findings and recommendations of the pilot project entitled “Development of National Food Safety Indicators with a One Health Approach” as presented during the initiative’s concluding workshop held on 27 February in Manila. The workshop concluded with the agreement that developing a complete set of national food safety indicators would be beneficial for the country, and that government agencies are keen to mainstream this initiative in the future.


Ms Xiangjun Yao, FAO Regional Programme Leader, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, RAP, has assumed the function of FAO Representative ad interim in the Philippines from 1 December 2019 and until further notice. She temporarily takes over from Mr Jose Luis Fernandez, who is now FAO Representative in Haiti.

Ms Yao may be contacted at [email protected]

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