Международный договор о генетических ресурсах растений для производства продовольствия и ведения сельского хозяйства


The grouping of Contracting Parties follows the list of the “FAO Member Nations by region for Council election”. The economic classification is elaborated with data from the World Bank.

The FAO Conference approved the International Treaty on 3 November 2001 and remained open for signature until 4 November 2002.

In accordance with Article 28, the Treaty entered into force on the ninetieth day after the deposit of the fortieth instrument of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession on 29 June 2004.

For additional information you can download in PDF the official list of Contracting Parties elaborated by the Legal Office of FAO.



Country Region Contracting Party Membership
181 Uganda Africa Yes ACCESSION
182 Ukraine Europe No
183 United Arab Emirates Near East Yes ACCESSION
184 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Europe Yes SIGNATURE
185 United Republic of Tanzania Africa Yes ACCESSION
186 United States of America North America Yes SIGNATURE
187 Uruguay Latin America and the Caribbean Yes SIGNATURE
188 Uzbekistan Asia No
189 Vanuatu South West Pacific No
190 Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) Latin America and the Caribbean Yes SIGNATURE
191 Viet Nam Asia No
192 Yemen Near East Yes ACCESSION
193 Zambia Africa Yes SIGNATURE
194 Zimbabwe Africa Yes SIGNATURE
195 European Union (Member Organization) Europe Yes SIGNATURE
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