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International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

National focal points

Changes to the National Focal Point or of the contact details can be notified to: pgrfa-treaty@fao.org

Ms Mariangel PÉREZ
Directora General
Oficina de Integración y Asuntos Internacionales. Ministerio del Poder Popular para Ecosocialismo y Aguas
Centro Simon Bolivar, Torre Sur, Piso 18
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) - Latin America and the Caribbean
Phone Number: +58 212 408 1501
Email Address: oiai.minea@gmail.com
Date of communication: 15/12/2017
Mr Maeen Ali Ahmed AL-JARMOUZI
General Director
National Genetic Resource Center
P.O. Box 87148
Yemen - Near East
Phone Number: +967 6423917
Fax Number: +967 6423914
Mobile Number: +967 7772555669
Email Address: maeen1@yahoo.com
Date of communication: 18/03/2015
Mr Godfrey MWILA
Chief Agricultural Research Officer
Crop Improvement and Agronomy
Mount Makilu Central Research Station
Zambia - Africa
Phone Number: +260 966745604
Mobile Number: +260 966745604
Email Address: godfrey.mwila@gmail.com
Date of communication: 03/02/2015
Mr Kudzai KUSENA
Genetic Resources and Biotechnology Institute
Fifth Street Extension, P.O. Box CY550
Causeway Harare
Zimbabwe - Africa
Phone Number: +263 4704531
Fax Number: +263 4700339
Mobile Number: +263 773041186
Email Address: kudzaikusena@yahoo.com
Date of communication: 02/03/2015
Mr Cames MGUNI
Research Services Division
P.O. Box CY 550
Zimbabwe - Africa
Phone Number: +263 04700339
Mobile Number: +263 712611772
Email Address: zpqs@mweb.co.zw
Date of communication: 02/03/2015
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