International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

First Meeting of the Coordination Mechanism for Capacity Building for the Implementation of the International Treaty

16/05/2008 to

Germany ()

Working Documents

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Information Documents

» IT/CBCM-1/08/1
Provisional Agenda
» IT/CBCM-1/08/2
Rationale And Operational Structure Of The Capacity Building Coordination Mechanism (CBCM)
» IT/CBCM-1/08/3
Survey On Capacity Building Needs And Priorities For The Implementation Of The International Treaty On Plant Genetic Resources For Food And Agriculture

Other Documents

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» IT/CBCM-1/08/Report
Report of the Second Meeting of the Ad Hoc Technical Committee on Sustainable Use of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture


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Invitations and Notifications

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