International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

Third Meeting of the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on the Funding Strategy

16/10/2008 to 17/10/2008

Italy ()

Working Documents

» IT/ACFS-3/08/01
Draft Provisional Agenda
» IT/ACFS-3/08/02
Operation of the Funding Strategy
» IT/ACFS-3/08/03
Information And Reporting Requirements Under The Funding Strategy
» IT/ACFS-3/08/04
Development Of A Strategic Plan For The Implementation Of The Funding Strategy

Information Documents

» IT/ACFS-3/08/Inf.1
Reports Related To The Implementation Of The Funding Strategy From International Organisations
» IT/ACFS-3/08/Inf.2
List of Documents

Other Documents

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» IT/ACFS-3/08/Report


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Invitations and Notifications

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