International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

Third Meeting Ad Hoc Technical Advisory Committee on the Standard Material Transfer Agreement and the Multilateral System

26/06/2012 to 28/06/2012

India ()

The Ad Hoc Advisory Technical Committee advises the Secretary on implementation of questions raised by users of the Standard Material Transfer Agreement, which the Secretary brings to their attention on the basis of questions addressed and forwarded to the Secretary by Contracting Parties, international centres having signed agreements with the Governing Body under Article 15 of the Treaty and other users of the Standard Material Transfer Agreement.

Working Documents

» IT/AC-SMTA-MLS 3/12/1
Provisional Agenda
» IT/AC-SMTA-MLS 3/12/2
Non-food/non-feed uses of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture
» IT/AC-SMTA-MLS 3/12/3
Transfer and use of Plant Genetic Resources for Agriculture under the SMTA: transfer to farmers for direct use for cultivation
» IT/AC-SMTA-MLS 3/12/4
Updating of the Standard Material Transfer Agreement in the context of reporting obligations of parties
» IT/AC-SMTA-MLS 3/12/5
Creating legal space for the Treaty in the context of access and benefit-sharing
» IT/AC-SMTA-MLS 3/12/6
Commercialization of a product under the multilateral system in the context of not-for-profit projects under Article 13 of the Treaty
» IT/AC-SMTA-MLS 3/12/7
Transfer of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture under the Multilateral System to affiliate companies
» IT/AC-SMTA-MLS 3/12/8
Miscellaneous Questions for in-session consideration

Information Documents

» IT/AC-SMTA-MLS 3/12/Inf. 1
List of Documents
» IT/AC-SMTA-MLS 3/12/Inf. 2
Handbook to the Implementation of the Multilateral System of the International Treaty
» IT/AC-SMTA-MLS 3/12/Inf. 3
Information Note for Participants

Other Documents

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Report of the Third Meeting of the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on the SMTA and the MLS


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Invitations and Notifications

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