Traité international sur les ressources phytogénétiques pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture

Troisième Réunion du Groupe de travail ad hoc à composition non limitée chargé d’améliorer le fonctionnement du Système Multilatéral d’accès et de partage des avantages

01/06/2015 to 05/06/2015

Brazil (Brasilia)

The Third Meeting of the Ad Hoc Open-Ended Working Group to Enhance the Functioning of the Multilateral System of Access and Benefit-Sharing was held in Brasilia, Brazil, from 2 to 5 of June 2015. Arrangements were made to allow delegates and stakeholders to hold regional and inter-regional consultations on 1 June 2015. The Co-Chairs of the Working Group are Dr. Bert Visser and Mr. Modesto Fernández.

Documents de travail

» IT/OWG-EFMLS-3/15/1
Ordre du Jour Provisoire
» IT/OWG-EFMLS-3/15/2
Ordre du jour provisoire annoté et calendrier indicatif provisoire
» IT/OWG-EFMLS-3/15/3
Projet de Résolution présenté pour examen à l'Organe Directeur, à sa Sixième Session: Mesures visant à améliorer le fonctionnement du Système Multilatéral d'accès et de Partage Des Avantages

Documents d'information

» IT/OWG-EFMLS-3/15/Inf.1
List of documents
» IT/OWG-EFMLS-3/15/Inf.2
Information Note for Participants
» IT/OWG-EFMLS-3/15/Inf.3
Compilation Of Submissions Received By Working Group Members And Others
» IT/OWG-EFMLS-3/15/Inf.3 Add.1
Additional Submissions Received from Working Group Members and Others
» IT/OWG-EFMLS-3/15/Inf.4
Expansion of the Access and Benefit-sharing Provisions of the International Treaty: Legal Options
» IT/OWG-EFMLS-3/15/Inf.5
Development of a Subscription System for users of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture uder the Treaty (Measure III): Background Information
» IT/OWG-EFMLS-3/15/Inf.6
Improving the Standard Material Transfer Agreement to Increase User-Based Payments and to Make it More User-Friendly (Measure IV): Background Information
» IT/OWG-EFMLS-3/15/Inf.7
Options for introducing a Termination Clause
» IT/OWG-EFMLS-3/15/Inf.8
The Benefit-sharing Fund and the Global Crop Diversity Trust: Succinct Analysis of Targets, Contributions and Resource Mobilization Strategies and other Relevant Information
» IT/OWG-EFMLS-3/15/Inf.9
Typology of users of the Multilateral System and their regional distribution, including PGRFA under development
» IT/OWG-EFMLS-3/15/Inf.9 Add 1
Statistics on distribution of germplasm by recipient country and region
» IT/OWG-EFMLS/Research Paper 9
Twenty five years of international exchanges of plant genetic resources facilitated by the CGIAR genebanks: a case study on international interdependence


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» IT/OWG-EFMLS-3/15/Report
Rapport sur la Troisième Réunion du Groupe de Travail Ad Hoc à composition non limitée chargé d'améliorer le fonctionnement du Système Multilatéral d'accès et de Partage Des Avantages


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