International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

International Treaty Secretary Kent Nnadozie Calls for China to Join the International Treaty


Before the seminar, CBCGDF was personally written by Mr. Nnadozie about the importance of building a possible platform for dialogue and cooperation under the CBCGDF’s proposal, and it would be very useful to organize the seminar as suggested.

CBCGDF builds a platform for the exchange of biodiversity of genetic resources, bringing together leading experts, scholars and relevant departments in the fields of genetic resources, benefit sharing, and environmental law to jointly promote the development of the biodiversity related international rules on global environmental governance, genetic resources and so on. In November 2017, CBCGDF officially became an ITPGRFA observer for FAO. In February 2018, CBCGDF and ITPGRFA conducted in-depth discussions on issues of common interest such as the digital sequence of genetic resources. In the summer of 2018, CBCGDF communicated with FAO, and the efforts to promote a seminar were not stopped. In this regard, Mr. Nnadozie believes that the convening of the seminar will help policy makers and relevant officials to participate in the process of seeking recognition by China. He and his colleagues agreed that it is very important for China to join the “International Treaty” and cooperate to promote its purpose. He is very happy to be able to attend this seminar in person.


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