Международный договор о генетических ресурсах растений для производства продовольствия и ведения сельского хозяйства

The Plant Treaty Portal

This portal disseminates information on the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture and its Multilateral System for Access and Benefit Sharing.

It is meant to be a platform to distribute documents for the meetings of the Governing Body and its related committees and subcommittees and other information.

Main objectives of this Portal are:

  • To increase awareness of the International Treaty;
  • To facilitate access to information, documents and resources related to the Treaty;
  • To liaise with other portals, Web sites and information systems on plant genetic resources for food and agriculture.

The Communication Strategy:

In addition to this Portal and in order to raise awareness of the International Treaty, the Secretariat is developing a series of communication products for the following audiences and stakeholders:

Audiences and Stakeholders:

  • Civil Society
  • Gene banks
  • Consumers
  • Industry/Breeders
  • Donors
  • Scientific community
  • Farmers
  • Governments/Policy makers
  • Universities/schools

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