International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

Download the CAPFITOGEN tools

The latest version of the tools developed under Capfitogen run in the Microsoft Windows operating system and can be downloaded from Google Drive. As the files are very heavy, it is recommended to use a broadband connection. USB pen drives are also available upon request for users with no or very limited access to the Internet.


  1. Download ALZip (use the “trial version” option) or a similar file uncompressing software able to open the ".alz" file extension.
  2. Download the installer of the full package of the tools. The file is about 2.6 Gb compressed and 5.5 Gb uncompressed. There is a lighter version (less than one Gb) which does not includes the GEOQUAL tool (links updated on 20/09/2014).
  3. Complete the downloading process by clicking on the “File” menu -> “Download”. Sometimes an additional interface might appear asking for the authorization to continue.
  4. Download the ".alz" file for the country or region you wish to work with. Big countries will result in files of up to 10 Gb, so the preview may not be available. (Link updated on 02/04/2014).
  5. Unzip the file downloaded in step 3 in the root directory of the hard drive or in a USB pen drive. A new folder named “CAPFITOGEN” will be created (if not, please create it manually). The path should look like: "C:\CAPFITOGEN"
  6. Unzip also the files for the selected country or region in a subfolder called “rdatamaps”. eg. C:\CAPFITOGEN\rdatamaps\argentina.
  7. Click on the file "CAPFITOGEN.exe" located in the CAPFITOGEN folder and follow the installation instructions in the available user’s manual.
  8. UPDATE: If your installed was downloaded after August 2014 you can upgrade the software without downloading the full package, just downloading the “”(updated 20/09/2014) and replacing the content of the folder "CAPFITOGEN\x86" with is about 175 Mb. 

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