Technical Platform on the Measurement and Reduction of Food Loss and Waste



The Secretariat is entrusted with maintaining partnerships between members, the preparation and organization of the Platform’s meetings, as well as supporting and monitoring the implementation of commonly-agreed actions and work plans.

The Secretariat is tasked with supervising the work of the Platform, reviewing and monitoring progress on agreed work plans and activities. The Secretariat works continuously and meets physically once a year. 


The Platform’s members meet once a year. Base activities will include to: (i) promote the Hierarchy of Actions on FLW taking into account national circumstances and market-based approaches; (ii) share information on FLW metrics; (iii) support the discussion forum within the current Community of Practice on food loss reduction; (iv) showcase FLW solutions; and, (v) discuss trends and work plans in different FLW reduction initiatives of the private sector, international organizations and development partners in order to strengthen coordination and collaboration.

If requested by countries, ad-hoc country-specific coordination mechanisms could be created, adjusted or scaled-up within country-level coordination structures to implement eventual demand-driven joint food loss and waste projects.


The Platform reports to the G20 Development Working Group on an annual basis.

Assessing progress

After 2 years of functioning, the Secretariat, in consultation with its members, assesses progress in the implementation and effectiveness of the Platform.