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المنصة التقنية لقياس وللحد من فقد الأغذية وهدرها


The Platform includes technical representatives of the G20 members, on a voluntary basis, the private sector, the Zero Hunger Challenge, IFAD, Regional Development Banks, Regional Economic Commissions, other relevant international organizations and, as appropriate and on a voluntary basis, representatives from non-G20 countries working internationally and at country level on FLW issues. 

Each member bears the cost of its own participation in the Platform. Specific co-funding and funding arrangements and additional fundraising could be done on a case-by-case basis, according to the activity.

Social partners and other organizations, including large NGOs with a major work program in FLW, are also invited.

The Platform is overseen by a Secretariat managed by FAO and IFPRI.

E-mail contact: tpflw@fao.org