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from 14/10/2019
to 14/10/2019

FAO has recently launched the FAO Framework on the Urban Food Agenda in Rome and New York. This Framework serves as a corporate strategy for responding to the demands for implementing the New Urban Agenda ensuring resilient food systems and [...]
Food waste

from 14/10/2019
to 14/10/2019

Reducing food waste and loss are long-standing challenges undermining efforts to end hunger, improve farmer incomes, and promote sustainable production and consumption. Understanding where and why losses occur along the food chain is essential to effective policy interventions. For instance, [...]
Food waste, Food loss

from 17/09/2019
to 20/09/2019

Following recommendations of the 1st AAPHCE presented at AU-FAO Regional Postharvest Loss Reduction Workshop held on 26th July 2018 and consultation with stakeholders, it was agreed that the AAPHCE event be continued on biennial basis. It was also agreed that [...]
Food loss