CFS side event - Can Multilateralism and International Alliances accelerate the urban food agenda? In route to 2030: Revitalizing agriculture and food systems through empowerment of local governments and global partnership

14 Oct 2019 - 14 Oct 2019

FAO has recently launched the FAO Framework on the Urban Food Agenda in Rome and New York.

This Framework serves as a corporate strategy for responding to the demands for implementing the New Urban Agenda ensuring resilient food systems and good nutrition along the rural-urban continuum. The framework guides on integrated actions across sectors, actors and level of governments, arguably the needed essence for directing to the planet's sustainability. Indeed, breaking silos and promoting a systemic approach appear for once feasible through a place-based solution strategy leveraging action of local governments.

However, sub-national governments have reiterated in a number of occasions their need for a global Forum that goes beyond discussion and exchange of lessons learnt among the sub-national and local governments. They rather have urged multilateral independent organizations, in particular FAO, to facilitate action-oriented processes that engage the local leaders with national governments and international influencers (e.g. private corporations, philanthropic entities, international civil organizations, non-food sector alliances etc.) for discussing pertinent issues impacting food systems in urban areas and agree on a position as an independent forum.

Location: Rome