Техническая платформа по измерению и сокращению продовольственных потерь и пищевых отходов

Food loss and waste during COVID-19 pandemics: useful readings

In India, lessons learned from COVID-19 emergency highlights how A new paradigm for agri-trade is possible. The local e-NWR based trading on e-NAM can be extended to more warehouses to provide an option for direct sale of stored produce. Read complete article here. (India, technology, innovation, post-harvest management, February, 2021) 

The Andra Pradesh government is planning to boost its horticulture crops in 2021 and highlighted that 2021 has been recognized as the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables (IYFV). The government aims to raise production levels through encouraging introduction of new varieties, technology, innovative practices, adopting post-harvest technology including cold storages and other measures. (India, horticulture, IYFV, January 2021)

Transmission of COVID-19 by food and food packaging (November 2020, Food standards, Australia and New Zealand)

In Nigeria, and in particular in the North West region, farmers are switching from food crops to cash crops as low prices are not enough to cover cultivation costs. The food crops that are being abandoned are maize, sorghum and millet, whilst the cash crops that are now being produced are cassava, sesame, beans, soya, wheat, ginger, cashew, orange, tomatoes, and pepper among others. According to some estimates from the government, the revenues of farmers planting tomatoes nearly double of the ones planting rice. Moreover, a government officer noted that while cash crops farming can be done all year round, food crops are seasonal and largely dependent on the rainy season. (November 2020, Africa)

In India, the consumer organization of GOA’s department has launched a month-long awareness campaign to promote an active discussion on ways to reduce food waste during the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign will conclude on September 29, the International Day of Awareness on Food Loss and Waste Reduction. (Consumers, Food waste, September 2020, India) 

Innovators are looking to address food waste with technology, community, and original business model. The FoodNavigator Podcast hears from recipe box company Gousto, anti-food waste app OLIO, and UK charity FareShare: find out more HERE. (Food Waste Innovation, Worldwide, June 2020)

COVID-19: EU relaxes fruit & veggies imports; no orders from US (India, March 2020)

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Support These 35+ Organizations Helping Restaurants, Workers, and Farmers Survive COVID-19 (US and Worldwide, March 2020) (Private sector initiatives and Governmental measures)              

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Food goes to waste amid Coronavirus crisishttps://www.politico.com/news/2020/04/05/food-waste-coronavirus-pandemic-164557 (Food waste, April 2020)

COVID-19 in Rural India -I: Harvesting and Selling Anxiety Grips Farmers in Haryana’s Birdhana Village (Food Loss, April 2020)

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Coronavirus measures could cause global food shortage, UN warns (Food Loss, April 2020)

Coronavirus: Will jugglers and clowns harvest fruit and vegetables? (BBC, April 2020) (Food Loss)


Food Waste Recovery - Food Banks

In Ghana, the NGO Food All Africa Programme (FFAA) -that runs a food bank in the country- has received a €250,000 donation from a private company to support its activities. With this money, among other projects, the NGO is planning to strengthen its “Mobile Food Bank Kitchen” by adding a second mobile kitchen truck to the fleet, which will provide nutritious meals to communities free of cost (more here).  (November 2020, Africa, Food Banks)

In Zimbabwe, the popular Chitungwiza Soup Kitchen has received a 5-ton donation of mealie meal and bread from a local bakery. The popular Chitungwiza Soup Kitchen was founded one week after the government stablished a national lockdown in March by an immigration lawyer. Currently, the soup kitchen feeds about 3 thousand people daily with the support of a couple of volunteers. To feed the people -mostly children- the soup kitchen has a makeshift stove, a couple of large pots and a few cooking utensils. However, on May 2020, the Chitungwiza Town Council has raised the ire of many as it requested the soup kitchen to cease operations because its operations did not meet the regulations (more here and here). (November 2020, Africa, Food banks)

Food bank COVID-19 precautions & response (Food banks, April 2020)

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Further readings on Plastic Packaging

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Further readings on Dairy Industry

Latest news over covid-19 and food systems in India:

  • AMUL, the biggest cooperative in the country having a surplus of milk has not only increased its butter production but also its bakery production. For instance, the company has realized that many bakeries in the country use edible oils and sees a comparative advantage in using dairy fat instead of it, more here. (Dairy industry, August 2020, India)
  • Mother Dairy - a big Indian cooperative - to diversify its business has just launched 20 new products in the market; the company is specially targeting the bread market.  (Dairy industry, July 2020, India)
  • Concerning the State-run dairy cooperative Aavil, despite the steady demand during August-lockdown dairy farmers are not benefiting from it for different reasons, read more here. (Dairy industry, August 2020, India) 

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