Apoyo en materia de políticas y gobernanza

CPW - Collaborative Partnership on Sustainable Wildlife Management

CPW is a voluntary partnership of international organizations with substantive mandates and programmes for the sustainable use and conservation of wildlife resources. The mission of the CPW is to promote conservation through the sustainable management of terrestrial vertebrate wildlife in all [...]
FAO Role: Strategic Partner
Keyword: Animal & plant health, Biodiversity, Environmental sustainability, Governance, Multi-stakeholder partnerships, Natural resources

CRC - Commission for Controlling the Desert Locust in the Central Region [of the Near East and Horn of Africa]

The role of the Commission is to assist member countries to manage and prevent Desert Locust, and to prepare for and respond to emergencies caused by it. The CRC concentrates on integrated approaches that: support the development, sharing and adaptation of preventive control strategies, explore approaches for assessing [...]
FAO Role: Convener
Keyword: Agriculture, Animal & plant health, Economic empowerment, Ecosystem services, Environmental sustainability, Investment & finance, Resilience

CWP - Coordinating Working Party on Fishery Statistics

The CWP's purpose is to: continually review fishery statistics requirements for research, policy-making and management; agree on standard concepts, definitions, classifications and methodologies for the collection and collation of fishery statistics; make proposals for the coordination and streamlining of statistical activities among relevant [...]
FAO Role: Convener
Keyword: Aquaculture, Biodiversity, Data & statistics, Fisheries, Natural resources, Oceans & marine resources, Policy analysis, Research

Commission’s Global plans of action

International agreements, global plans of action and other instruments play an important role in addressing the conservation, use and transfer of biological diversity at regional, national and international levels.  To address the main gaps and challenges identified in the global assessments, [...]
FAO Role: Convener
Keyword: Biodiversity, Conservation, Genetic resources, Policy analysis

Committee on Commodity Problems

The Committee on Commodity Problems (CCP) is the FAO Governing Body that tracks agricultural commodity markets. It deliberates key issues, debates the effects on food security, and makes policy recommendations. Among its functions there are: To keep commodity problems of an international character [...]
FAO Role: Convener
Keyword: Data & statistics, Economic empowerment, Food prices, Food security, Governance, Policy analysis, Trade & markets

Committee on Mediterranean Forestry Questions - Silva Mediterranea

The mission of Silva Mediterranea is to: Periodically review the trends in the use of forest land in the Mediterranean area and to assess the impact of changes implemented in the agricultural, industrial and urban sectors; Advise member governments accordingly on reorientation [...]
FAO Role: Strategic Partner
Keyword: Agriculture, Biodiversity, Data & statistics, Ecosystem services, Environmental sustainability, Forests, Governance, Land, Natural resources, Policy cycle, Research