Поддержка политики и управления

AMIS - Agricultural Market Information System

The Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS) is an inter-Agency Platform to enhance food market transparency and encourage coordination of policy action in response to market uncertainty. The initial focus of AMIS is on four crops that are particularly important in [...]
FAO Role: Strategic Partner
Keyword: Agribusiness, Agriculture, Data & statistics, Food prices, Investment & finance, Nutrition, Trade & markets

Committee on Commodity Problems

The Committee on Commodity Problems (CCP) is the FAO Governing Body that tracks agricultural commodity markets. It deliberates key issues, debates the effects on food security, and makes policy recommendations. Among its functions there are: To keep commodity problems of an international character [...]
FAO Role: Convener
Keyword: Data & statistics, Economic empowerment, Food prices, Food security, Governance, Policy analysis, Trade & markets

ECA - European Commission on Agriculture

The European Commission on Agriculture (ECA) holds its regular sessions every two years, between sessions of the FAO Regional Conference for Europe. Its purpose is to assist the region’s Member Governments in cooperating on agricultural problems – including research, education, extension, [...]
FAO Role: Convener
Keyword: Agriculture, Economic empowerment, Education, Extension services, Food prices, Trade & markets, Nutrition, Research