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AGIR - Global Alliance for Resilience Initiative

The aim of AGIR (the Global Alliance for Resilience Initiative) is to help build resilience to the recurrent food and nutrition crises that affect the countries of the Sahel and West Africa. The idea of an international alliance bringing together governments [...]
FAO Role: Strategic Partner
Keyword: Agriculture, Food environments, Food security, Governance, Nutrition, Protracted crisis, Resilience, Rural livelihoods, Social protection, Zero hunger

APFC - Asia-Pacific Forestry

The Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission (APFC) is one of six FAO Regional Forestry Commissions. APFC is a forum for advising and taking action on key forestry issues in a region of diversity and rapid change. The Commission meets every two years to [...]
FAO Role: Convener
Keyword: Biodiversity, Forests, Governance, Natural resources, Policy analysis

APFIC - Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission

The Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission (APFIC) works to improve understanding, awareness and cooperation in fisheries issues in the Asia-Pacific region. The APFIC Secretariat is hosted by  the FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, in Bangkok, Thailand.
FAO Role: Convener
Keyword: Aquaculture, Biodiversity, Fisheries, Governance, Natural resources, Oceans & marine resources, Research

APHCA - Animal Production and Health Commission for Asia and Pacific

APHCA's mission is to enhance the level of nutrition and standard of living of livestock keepers, especially smallholders, people working in livestock value-chains, and communities at large through equitable, sustainable and safe livestock sector development. This will be achieved by [...]
FAO Role: Convener
Keyword: Animal & plant health, Family farmers & smallholders, Governance, Livestock, Nutrition, Rural livelihoods, Value chains

APPPC - Asia and Pacific Plant Protection Commission

The Asia-Pacific Plant Protection Commission is committed to protecting plant, human and animal health and the environment, facilitating trade, and protecting the sustainability of agriculture. The Commission provides a regional forum for cooperation and the full implementation of the Plant Protection [...]
FAO Role: Strategic Partner
Keyword: Agriculture, Animal & plant health, Environmental sustainability, Governance, Trade & markets

APRC - FAO Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific

FAO Regional Conferences are an official forum where ministers of agriculture and high officials of Member States from the same geographic region meet to elaborate, beyond the borders of the individual countries, on challenges and priority matters related to food [...]
FAO Role: Convener
Keyword: Agriculture, Fisheries, Food systems, Forests, Governance, Policy analysis, Rural development
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