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الإطار العالمي

FAO framework on rural extreme poverty. Towards reaching Target 1.1 of the Sustainable Development Goals

منشور 2019
Today, about 783 million people live in extreme poverty. Extreme poverty is primarily a rural phenomenon, with 80 percent of the extreme poor living in rural areas, across greatly diverse [...]

التدريب والتعلم الإليكتروني

Understanding rural poverty

منشور 2019
This course is the first in the Rural Poverty Reduction series, and provides an overview of rural poverty, and why it is so important to overcome it in rural contexts. [...]

السمات الرئيسية للمشروع

Promoting alternatives to migration for rural youth in Ethiopia and Tunisia

منشور 2019
Poverty, food insecurity and a lack of employment opportunities drive many young men and women around the world to search for jobs elsewhere. In Africa, where youth underemployment and unemployment [...]

السمات الرئيسية للمشروع

Providing timely, reliable and accessible information for decision-makers on the food security situation

منشور 2019
The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) is an innovative multipartnerinitiative for improving food security and nutrition analysis, and decision-making. By using the IPC classification and analytical approach, governments, United [...]

السمات الرئيسية للمشروع

Strengthening business orientation for small and medium-sized farmers in Malawi

منشور 2019
Significant potential exists in Malawi for agricultural production and productivity gains, which could be tapped for value creation and the improvement if living conditions of the broader population. Diversification and [...]


Digital technologies in agriculture and rural areas

منشور 2019
This report aims to identify the different scenarios where the process of digital transformation is taking place in agriculture. This identifies those aspects of basic conditions, such as those of [...]

دراسة حالة

Agripreneurship across Africa

منشور 2019
The key drivers in food value chain development are the entrepreneurs. They create firms that are profitable and competitive, create many jobs, link in many smallholders and producer organizations as [...]

حوار السياسات

FAO e-Agriculture online

منشور 2019
e-Agriculture is a global community of practice that facilitates dialogue, information exchange and sharing of ideas related to the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for sustainable agriculture and [...]

ورقة تحليلية

Social protection for small-scale fisheries in the Mediterranean region

منشور 2019
In the Mediterranean, particularly in Albania, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia, small-scale fisheries play a crucial role in sustaining economic activity and ensuring food security within coastal communities. However, their [...]


Legal brief for parliamentarians in Africa No. 1

منشور 2019
Countries in Africa have made renewed commitments to end hunger, such as in the Malabo Declaration of 2014, the SDGs of 2016 and other international and regional declarations. If these [...]