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السمات الرئيسية للمشروع

Boosting food security through development of climate-resilient agriculture in Nepal

منشور 2019
The Government of Nepal prioritized a package of Green Climate Fund (GCF) initiatives to address both immediate and longer-term climate change risks posed to critical ecosystems and the most vulnerable [...]


Towards a national land policy in Niger

منشور 2019
The États généraux, gathering more than 300 participants from all sectors and regions of the country, was one of the largest platforms for exchange between actors ever mobilized in the sub-region. [...]

قاعدة بيانات

Oilcrops complex. Policy changes and industry measures. Annual compendium 2018

منشور 2019
The 2018 compendium offers an overview of salient government policies and related private sector measures concerning global and national markets for oilcrops and derived products. Its purpose is to facilitate [...]

ورقة تحليلية

Investing in information and communication technologies to reach gender equality and empower rural women

منشور 2019
Advances in information and communication technologies (ICTs) have made information available to more people than ever before. These advances have also substantially increased their capacity to connect with each other [...]

مبادئ توجيهية

Good Practices for Integrating Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Climate-Smart Agriculture Programmes

منشور 2019
This guidance entitled Integrating Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in CSA Programs focuses on a set of agricultural practices to be implemented by small-scale food producers in developing countries. The [...]

ورقة تحليلية

Agriculture-related investments in disaster risk reduction and management. Preliminary findings

منشور 2019
The increased frequency and severity of natural hazards and disasters, partly largely caused by climate change and variability, has adverse serious negative impacts on the agriculture sectors, threatening peoples’ lives [...]

دراسة حالة

Disaster risk reduction at farm level. Multiple benefits, no regrets

منشور 2019
This report presents the findings of a multi-year FAO study undertaken on over 900 farms in ten different countries that measured, using field data, benefits gained through the use of [...]

حوار السياسات

Strengthening the linkages between agriculture and social protection. FSN Forum Report of Activity No. 17

منشور 2019
This document summarizes the online consultation Strengthening the linkages between agriculture and social protection: designing coherent approaches for improving food security and nutrition in vulnerable households, which was held on [...]

ورقة تحليلية

The agricultural sectors in nationally determined contributions (NDCs). Priority areas for international support

منشور 2019
This paper is an accompaniment to the FAO study, The Agricultural Sectors in the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs): Analysis. Building on the results of that study, this paper outlines [...]

تقارير موجزة عن السياسة

Sustainable agricultural development for food security and nutrition: what roles for livestock?

منشور 2019
The recommendations have been elaborated building upon the main findings of the CFS High Level Panel of Expert’s report on Sustainable agricultural development for food security and nutrition: what roles for [...]