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Voluntary Standards: Impacting Smallholders’ Market Participation

Publicado: 2013
Voluntary standards are rules, guidelines or characteristics about a product or a process. They are not mandatory regulations, but are used voluntarily by producers, processors, retailers and consumers. These voluntary standards are [...]

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Information services in rural China: An updated case study

Publicado: 2012
This publication is the outcome of a study carried out in 2009 documenting information service models in rural areas in China. It builds upon a previous study carried out in [...]

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Mobile Technologies for Agriculture and Rural Development

Publicado: 2012
New information and knowledge are critical inputs for the practice of agriculture the world over. This is especially true for resource-poor farmers living in rural areas in Asia. Yet most [...]


Sustainable Diets and Biodiversity. Directions and Solutions for Policy, Research and Action

Publicado: 2012
This book presents the current state of thought on the common path of sustainable diets and biodiversity and addresses the linkages among agriculture, health, the environment and food industries. The [...]

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Good Practices in Building Innovative Rural Institutions to Increase Food Security

Publicado: 2012
Strong rural organizations like producer groups and cooperatives are crucial to hunger and poverty reduction. They allow small producers toplay a greater role in meeting growing food demand on local, [...]

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Decent Rural Employment for Food Security: A Case for Action

Publicado: 2012
Identifies the links between decent employment and food security and shows how improving policy coherence between employment and agricultural initiatives and investing more in the promotion of decent rural employment [...]


World Livestock 2011. Livestock in food security

Publicado: 2011
Although much has been said about livestock’s role in achieving food security,in reality, the subject has been only partially addressed and no current document  fully covers the topic. Recognizing that [...]


Food Security in Africa. Market and Trade Policy for Staple Foods in Eastern and Southern Africa

Publicado: 2010
The origins of this volume stem from interactions with developing country government offi cials and policy makers on trade-related issues, where it became apparent that there was a need to supplement the [...]


Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools

Publicado: 2009
It is a simple methodology for teaching vulnerable children and young people  about farming and how to take care of themselves. It uses a “living classroom" approach in which the [...]

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Mitigating the Impact of HIV/AIDS on Food Security and Rural Poverty

Publicado: 2003
The AIDS epidemic is challenging all aspects of the development agenda. Many of the premises on which development interventions are based are no longer relevant. The disease has decimated sub-Saharan [...]
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