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Understanding Decent Rural Employment. Factsheet

Publicado: 2015
FAO defines Decent Rural Employment (DRE) as work that provides a living income and reasonable working conditions. Work should be remunerative and dignified and should enable people to provide for [...]

Estudio de casos

Youth and Agriculture: Key Challenges and Concrete Solutions

Publicado: 2014
Young people account for a large percentage of the rural population, and are often unemployed or underemployed, despite the need for labour force in agriculture. Rural youth face many hurdles [...]

Documentos temáticos

Promoting Economic Diversification and Decent Rural Employment Towards Greater Resilience to Food Price Volatility

Publicado: 2014
The poor are particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of high and volatile food prices. Available evidence, while not conclusive, indicates that both urban and rural poor, including poor farmers, [...]


FAO Policy on Gender Equality. Attaining Food Security Goals in Agriculture and Rural Development

Publicado: 2013
Gender equality is central to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations’ (FAO’s) mandate to achieve food security for all by raising levels of nutrition, improving agricultural productivity [...]

Documentos temáticos

Decent Rural Employment for Food Security: A Case for Action

Publicado: 2012
Identifies the links between decent employment and food security and shows how improving policy coherence between employment and agricultural initiatives and investing more in the promotion of decent rural employment [...]
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