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The future of food and agriculture. Alternative pathways to 2050

Publié: 2018
This report explores three different scenarios for the future of food and agriculture, based on alternative trends for key drivers, including income growth and distribution, population growth, technical progress and [...]


The future of food and agriculture. Alternative pathways to 2050. Summary

Publié: 2018
This booklet provides a comprehensive overview of the longer Future of Food and Agriculture publication. Shorter, more easily readable for the general public, this version sets out the key trends [...]

Document thématique

Parliamentary alliances against hunger and malnutrition. First Global Parliamentary Summit

Publié: 2018
For the third year in a row, hunger is on the rise again and affects 821 million people in the world. In addition, one third of the global population suffers [...]

Données et statistiques

World food and agriculture. Statistical pocketbook 2018

Publié: 2018
The implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda is just at the onset. Pursuing the wide and ambitious Sustainable Development Objectives (SDGs) poses major challenges at all levels, from the [...]


Strengthening coherence between agriculture and social protection to combat poverty and hunger in Africa: Diagnostic Tool

Publié: 2016
Agriculture and social protection are fundamentally linked in the context of rural livelihoods in Africa. Poor and food-insecure families depend primarily on agriculture and partly on non-farm income and private [...]