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Reinforcing right to food and reducing food insecurity in West Africa

Опубликованное: 2019
Despite its enormous potential, West Africa continues to suffer from high levels of food insecurity, with an estimated 11 percent of its population suffering from undernourishment or chronic hunger. With [...]

Аналитическая записка по вопросам политики

Pathways to self-reliance for refugees and host communities in Northern Uganda. FAO Agricultural Development Economics Policy Brief No. 16

Опубликованное: 2019
Uganda is one of the largest refugee hosting countries in Africa, with more than 1.1 million refugees. The Uganda Refugee Policy (2006) and the Refugee Regulations (2010) grant refugees wide-ranging [...]

Аналитическая записка по вопросам политики

Cropping systems diversification to enhance productivity and adaptation to climate change. Malawi

Опубликованное: 2019
Widespread maize monocropping in Malawi exposes farmers to significant livelihood risk in the context of increasing climate variability. 36 percent of rural households grow maize in monocrop. These farmers [...]


FAO Technical Guide 1. Introduction to gender-sensitive social protection programming to combat rural poverty. Why is it important and what does it mean?

Опубликованное: 2018
Many social protection programmes, including cash transfers, public works programmes and asset transfers, target women as main beneficiaries or recipients of benefits. Extending social protection to rural populations has great [...]

Тематический документ

Agricultural investment funds for development

Опубликованное: 2018
This publication explores agricultural investment funds as a vehicle for financing agricultural businesses and projects. It looks at the capital needs of the different agricultural actors along the agricultural value [...]


Strengthening rural institutions and empowering people to reduce poverty and inequalities

Опубликованное: 2018
This brochure provides an overview of FAO's work on Rural Institutions, Services and Empowerment, notably in regard to the challenges and ways forward for tackling hunger, malnutrition and food insecurity [...]


Social Protection and Agriculture: Saving Lives and Livelihoods in Lesotho

Опубликованное: 2018
In Lesotho, social protection plays an important role in protecting poor and vulnerable people from natural hazards saving lives and livelihoods, while also enhancing families’ capacity to cope, respond and [...]


Market and Value Chain Analysis of Selected Sectors for Diversification of the Rural Economy and Women's Economic Empowerment. Albania

Опубликованное: 2018
The economic empowerment of rural women is critical for the continuing improvement of agriculture and further development of the rural sector. Increased participation of women in value-added productive activities requires [...]


Catalysing Dialogue and Cooperation to Scale up Agroecology: Outcomes of the FAO Regional Seminars on Agroecology

Опубликованное: 2018
Agroecology has been gaining interest in recent years among governments, research and civil society organizations worldwide and many actors present it as a strategic pathway to transition to sustainable food and agriculture [...]

Изучение примера

The impact of the shea nut industry on women’s empowerment in Burkina Faso. Social Protection and Forestry Working Paper 3

Опубликованное: 2017
This study report, developed in collaboration with the Bright Futures of Burkina Faso, is based on the case study in Burkina Faso. It, through a survey of 183 women and [...]
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