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Forum on Agriculture, Rural Development and Migration in the Mediterranean (29 May 2018)

The main objective of the Forum is to reach a better understanding of the drivers and impacts of migrations for forward-looking policies and programmes.


  • Kostas Stamoulis, Assistant Director-General, Economic and Social Development Department, FAO
  • Gianni Bonini, Vice-President, CIHEAM
  • Anna Triandafyllidou, Global Governance Programme, EUI
  • Saïd Bhira, Special Counsellor to the Secretary General, UfM
  • Leonard Mizzi, Head of Unit at EC - DG DEVCO, European Commission
  • Luca Maestripieri, Deputy Director General, General Directorate for Development Cooperation of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
  • Leonardo Carmenati, Director, Italian Agency for Development Cooperation

At the crossroads of three continents, all Mediterranean countries are areas of origin, destination and transit of migratory flows coming from sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. Even if agriculture and rural livelihoods are priority fields in policy agendas in all countries across the region, public investments have consistently decreased in recent decades. Despite relevant political and financial commitments, growing rates of poverty and outmigration in rural areas indicate that appropriate strategies have yet to be forged. Additionally, regional processes may help tackling long-term drivers by creating synergies and fostering projects devoted to social and inclusive development.

The dynamics and complexity of migration and its significant impact on the future of agrarian systems across the Mediterranean, call for policy dialogue and exchange at regional level, both among the Mediterranean countries as well as across policy sectors. Hence, considering migration dynamics and impacts from the perspective of agriculture and rural development is essential to move towards more sustainable and inclusive food systems and rural worlds.

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Morning Session

  • Welcome and introductory remarks
  • Understanding the drivers of migration in the Mediterranean from a rural and agricultural perspective
  • 1st Roundtable: Migration patterns and drivers in the Mediterranean
  • 2nd Roundtable: Impacts of migration on agriculture and rural development

Afternoon Session

  • Rural development programmes addressing the challenges of Mediterranean migrations
  • 3rd Roundtable [parallel sessions]: Exchange on policies and programmes to harness the potential of migration and better manage rural labour mobility for the future of Mediterranean food systems
  • Concluding remarks
Europe & Central Asia, Near East & North Africa