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What Story Can Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Tell on Addressing the Relationship Between Poverty and Climate Change? FSN Forum Discussion

This discussion aims to gather the approaches and strategies used in SIDS to adapt to climate change, while building resilience of the most poor and vulnerable.

Particularly, its purpose is:  

  • to learn how SIDS are reducing the exposure of the poor and most vulnerable people to climate change and climate related events;
  • to learn about pathways, tools and challenges, including recommendations for effectively building adaptive capacity to eradicate poverty and achieving food security and nutrition within the context of climate change. 

The discussion focuses on the following questions:

  • Can you share examples of actions that are being undertaken to reduce poverty, food insecurity and nutrition challenges in response to climate change and climate-related events? Actions can range from informal to formal and include social protection and multisectoral policies, projects, programmes, activities, among others.
  • What lessons have been drawn from building resilience and adaptive capacity of poor and vulnerable people in the context of climate change and climate-related events? 
  • What are the challenges of reducing poverty and inequalities and building the adaptive capacity of the poor and vulnerable to climate change and climate related events?
  • What should the world learn from these experiences? What are the plausible pathways and good practices you would recommend to follow when addressing poverty, food security and nutrition in the context of climate change and climate-related events? 

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