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Fisheries of the Pacific Islands: Regional and national information. FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Technical Paper 625


The publication consolidates a variety of sources of information into a single coherent review in order to provide a quick and general understanding of the status of fisheries and aquaculture in the Pacific Islands region. It is an update of the 2011 FAO publication ‘Fisheries of the Pacific Islands: Regional and national information’ by Robert Gillett and the 2010 FAO online fishery and aquaculture country profiles for the 14 independent Pacific Island countries.

The 400-page book consists of two main parts: a regional overview, and the updated fisheries and aquaculture country profiles for the 14 independent Pacific Island countries: 

  • The regional chapter describes the region’s two main categories of fishery resources: oceanic and coastal or inshore, the status of the resources, and the fisheries management that occurs.
  • Each country profile reports on data that are mainly from 2014 and provide an overview of the following:

- General geographic and main fisheries economic indicators, including a summary of fisheries statistics reported to FAO.

- Production sectors.

- Post-harvest sectors.

- Socio-economic contribution of the fishery sector.

- Trends, issues and developments.

- Institutional framework.

- Legal framework


Published: 2018
Publisher: FAO
Geography: Asia & Pacific