Policy Support and Governance

Putting the voluntary guidelines on tenure into practice. A learning guide for civil society organizations

This learning guide was developed in partnership between several divisions of the FAO and FIAN International.

The methodology draws upon the one used in the People’s manual on the guidelines on governance of land, fisheries and forests: A guide for promotion, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, developed by the International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty (IPC) and a set of publications, among which we would like to particularly acknowledge the relevance of Enhancing stakeholder participation in national forest programmes: a training manual (FAO, 2010).

This learning guide incorporates some content from these publications when relevant. This learning guide was tested in 2015 in several countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America by national counterparts, who had a key role in assessing the guide’s relevance and adding their inputs to improve the present document. Subsequently a stocktaking exercise was conducted towards the end of 2015 from which lessons learned and inputs from experts were gathered. The current version of the learning guide is the result of this testing process.

Published: 2017
Publisher: FAO and FIAN International
Policy Theme: Tenure of Land
Geography: Global