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Global Plan of Action for Animal Genetic Resources and the Interlaken Declaration

Sustainable use, development and conservation of the world’s livestock genetic resources are  of vital importance to agriculture, food production, rural development and the environment.  In recognition of the need to develop an effective framework for the management of these  resources and to address the threat of genetic erosion, 109 countries came together in  September 2007 at the first International Technical Conference on Animal Genetic Resources  for Food and Agriculture held in Inter laken, Switzerland. The Conference adopted the Global  Plan of Action for Animal Genetic Resources – which includes 23 strategic priorities for action  to promote the wise management of these vital resources. The Global Plan of Action is the outcome of a country-driven process of reporting, analysis and  discussion, which also resulted in the preparation of The State of the World’s Animal Genetic  Resources for Food and Agriculture, the first comprehensive global assessment of livestock   diversity and its management. The Conference also adopted the Interlaken Declaration on Animal Genetic Resources, which affirms countries’ commitment to the implementation of the Global Plan of Action and to  ensuring that the world’s livestock biodiversity is utilized to promote global food security and  remains available to future generations.

Published: 2007
Publisher: FAO
Policy Theme: Biodiversity
Geography: Global