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Strengthening Sector Policies for Better Food Security and Nutrition Results: Fisheries and Aquaculture. Policy Guidance Note 1


One hundred million people worldwide earn an income from fisheries and aquaculture and many more rely on fish for a nutritious diet. The policy agenda of the sector tends to be oriented towards commercial interests. Often, food security, nutrition and livelihoods concerns are not well factored into fisheries-related policy measures due to the overall lack of knowledge about their linkages, as well as poor coordination across the respective policy domains. This fisheries and aquaculture guidance note highlights the importance of fisheries in local and global food systems and demonstrates how related policy measures can contribute to nutrition and health, particularly for the poor. It also discusses a range of issues to be taken into account when attempting to harmonize fisheries policies with food security and nutrition concerns. 

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Published: 2017
Publisher: FAO, European Union
Geography: Global, Asia & Pacific, Africa, Latin American & Caribbean, Near East & North Africa