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United against rabies collaboration – First annual progress report: The global strategic plan to end human deaths from dog-mediated rabies by 2030 T

Issue paper

This first annual report describes the progress made since 2018 when the “Zero by 30” Global Strategic Plan was launched. The country-centric plan is built on the premise that societal and political support are fundamental to the success of any disease elimination campaign. Until recently, the global response to rabies was fragmented and uncoordinated. This first annual progress report demonstrates the collaborative impact of the four organizations of the UAR on national, regional and global rabies elimination programmes. Significant progress has been made towards achieving the three objectives of the Global Strategic Plan. In addressing the first objective, the UAR demonstrated (i) increased access to dog rabies vaccines, (ii) improved medical care for cases of human rabies exposure and (iii) enhanced rabies awareness in several countries and regions worldwide.

Published: 2019
Publisher: FAO
Geography: Global