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Policy Analysis Paper: Policy Mainstreaming of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services With a Focus on Pollination

This publication addresses the need to strengthen the interface between the scientific community, knowledge-holders and policymakers, and build capacity for and strengthen the use of science and knowledge in policymaking on the topic of ecosystem services. With respect to the ecosystem service of pollination, FAO developed a protocol to identify and assess pollination deficits in crops – resulting in a global meta-analysis, with data from eleven countries. Results emerging from this endeavour give strong indication that pollination deficits may exist in a wide variety of farming systems across the world. As a response to this science, researchers and policymakers from the eleven countries considered the range and types of actions that can address pollination deficits, and developed an indicative set of policy responses. This publication is a result of this work, which considers the mainstreaming of ecosystem services at both national and international levels, with a focus on pollination services.