Acción mundial de la FAO sobre servicios de polinización para una agricultura sostenible


A Quantitative Approach to the Socio-Economic Valuation of Pollinator-Friendly Practices: A Protocol for Its Use
Author: Garibaldi, L.A.; Dondo, M.; Hipólito, J.; Azzu, N.; Viana, B.F.; Kasina, M.
This publication provides an approach for the socio-economic valuation of pollinator-friendly practices at a landscape/farm level, with practical examples from Brazil and Kenya.
Protocol to Detect and Monitor Pollinator Communities: Guidance for Practitioners
Author: LeBuhn, G.; Droege, S.; Connor, E.; Gemmill-Herren, B.; Azzu, N.
Addressing the need for global collaboration, this publication provides guidance on using a common methodology for monitoring pollinator diversity and abundance.
Sampling Data Sheet for Monitoring Pollinator Communities
Author: FAO
Protocol to detect and monitor pollinator communities: guidance for practitioners
Crops, Weeds and Pollinators - Understanding Ecological Interactions for Better Management
Author: Altieri, M.A., Nicholls, C.I., et al.
This publication looks at managing agricultural systems through an ecological approach, building upon beneficial biological interactions and finding positive synergies between pollination and weed management.
Policy Analysis Paper: Policy Mainstreaming of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services With a Focus on Pollination
Author: Rose, T.; Kremen, C.; Thrupp, A.; Gemmill-Herren, B.; Graub, B. & Azzu, N
Addresses the need to strengthen the interface between the scientific community, knowledge-holders and policymakers, and build capacity for and strengthen the use of science and knowledge in policymaking on ecosystem services, with a focus on pollination
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