Potato varieties

Although the potato cultivated worldwide belongs to just one botanical species, Solanum tuberosum, the tubers come in thousands of varieties with great differences in size, shape, colour, texture, cooking characteristics and taste. Here's a small sample of potato diversity.

1. Atahualpa
Bred in Peru, a high yielding variety good for both baking and frying
2. Nicola
Widely grown Dutch variety, one of the best for boiling, also good in salads
3. Russet Burbank
The classic American potato, excellent for baking and french fries
4. Lapin puikula
Grown in Finland for centuries, in fields bathed in the light of the midnight sun
5. Yukon Gold
A Canadian potato with buttery yellow flesh suitable for frying, boiling, mashing
6. Tubira
CIP-bred variety grown in West Africa. White flesh, pink skin, and good yielding
7. Vitelotte
A gourmet French variety prized for its deep blue skin and violet flesh
8. Royal Jersey
From the Isle of Jersey: the only UK vegetable with an EU designation-of-origin
9. Kipfler
Hails from Germany. Elongated with cream flesh, popular in salads
10. Papa colorada
Brought to the Canary Islands by passing Spanish ships in 1567
11. Maris Bard
Bred in the UK, a white variety with a soft waxy texture good for boiling
12. Désirée
Red-skinned, with yellow flesh and a distinctive flavour.
13. Spunta
Another popular commercial tuber, good for boiling and roasting
14. Mondial
A Dutch potato with smooth good looks. Boils and mashes well
15. Unknown
From Chile, one of more than 5 000 native varieties still grown in the Andes
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