This GAP database brings together key FAO documents and publications, as well as selected non-FAO websites and publications, in electronic format, related to Good Agricultural Practices. It enables users to easily access accumulated knowledge and information, directly and indirectly related to GAP.

Over 800 records have been classified under food safety, environmental sustainability and social equity, and as guidelines, projects, publications or field activities.

Searches can be made by country, region, farming system or technological and institutional success factors:

  • Simple searches can be made by querying a particular word or expression.
  • Topical searches have been pre-set for a number of categories with related key words.
  • Advanced searches can be made by querying a particular field or combination of fields.
  • All the records in the GAP database can be browsed.

The non-FAO sites and pages which are contained in this GAP database have been collected for information only. FAO does not take responsibility for their content.

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