REGION: latin america


Activity: GAP Electronic Conference
COUNTRY: Latin America and the Caribbean

The FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, with the support of the Chile Foundation, organised an electronic conference, 2004, on issues related to GAP in countries in the South Cone, with representatives from government, non-governmental organisations, farmer organisations, private sector and academia. The conference facilitated the sharing of experiences and identified key areas of development in the GAP area.

Information on the electronic conference: (html)
Final Report from the electronic conference: (html)
Good Agricultural Practice website for Latin America and the Caribbean: (html)



Activity: Technical Guidelines for GAP

COMMODITY: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Cereals, Meat and Dairy production


Technical Guidelines for Good Agricultural Production Practices (commodity specific), developed by FAO and the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) at their Headquarters in Brasilia, 12-15 August, 2002. (pdf)



Activity: Sub-regional Workshop

COMMODITY: Fresh Fruit and Vegetables


A Sub-Regional workshop was held in Santiago de Chile on the "Improvement of the quality and safety of fruit and fresh vegetable under a practical approach" (html) 17-21 March, 2003.



Activity: GAP Distance Training course
COUNTRY: Latin America

A Distance Training Course has been carried out annually since 2003, in Latin America by the FODEPAL project, executed by FAO with funds from the Spanish Cooperation. A training manual entitled ‘GAP: Potential to differentiate in Latin America' was developed for and used as part of this course since 2004.

Details of the FODEPAL project (html)
FODEPAL GAP Training manual: Buenas Prácticas Agrícolas: Potencial
de diferenciación en países de América Latina (pdf)



Current and upcoming Latin American Activities
COUNTRY: Regional, Central America, MERCOSUR, Chile, Colombia

An FAO technical cooperation programme is undergoing in Colombia , on ‘Fortifying the capacity of GAP and communitarian organisation to contribute to food security of the Antioquia Region' in order to increase the productivity, competitiveness and management capacity of the communities by implementation of GAP (TCP / COL / 3004).

An International Workshop on GAP is being organised in conjunction with the University of Talca ( Chile ) and the Insitituto de Desarrollo Agropecurio (INDAP), October 2006, in order to create a regional GAP exchange network, analyse studies and tools needed for GAP policy design and promote consensus for a regional GAP project taking into account the specific country realities.

A Regional project on GAP has been formulated to promote GAP implementation for small producers in distinct subregions in Latin America, with the aim of elaborating technical GAP guides for various commodity chains, for the improvement of production practices at farm level and at all stages of the supply chain.

Further information: Good Agricultural Practice website for Latin America and the Caribbean (html)

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