REGION: asia


Activity: FAO-Thailand GAP Workshop

COMMODITY: Fresh Fruit and Vegetables


An FAO-Thailand workshop on GAP for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables was held in Bangkok on 14 15 September 2005, to take stock of progress and lessons learnt from Thailand in the implementation of its GAP Fresh Fruit and Vegetables program, identify issues and priorities for improvement.


Powerpoint presentations available:




Challenges for the fresh fruit and vegetable (FFV) sector and state of development of GAP in Thailand (pps)

Private sector views and experiences in exporting fresh produce and Q and GAP programmes (pps)

National policies and standards for food safety and quality including the Q mark and GAP (pps)

Lessons learnt on working with farmers in implementing IPM and GAP (pps)

Laboratory facilities (pps)





Trade and Environment Dimensions of the Food and Food-Processing Industries in Asia and the Pacific UNESCAP (pps)

Reflecting national conditions and Development priorities in the Eurepgap benchmarking approach UNCTAD (pps)

AADCP Program Stream: Quality Assurance for ASEAN Fruit and Vegetables ASEAN-GAP (pps)

Implementation of GAP in the Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Sector in Malaysia Malaysia (pps)



FAO Presentations:

Implementing GAP programmes: experiences from other countries and FAO activities (pps)

Quality and Safety of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (pps)

GAP, Farmers and Field Realities: Making the connection through better IPM education and utilization of novel options for pest management (pps)

Lessons learnt for GAP from FAO experience on supply chains management in Thailand and elsewhere (pps)

Lessons for GAP from FAO experience in horticulture in Asia (pps)



Activity: FAO Project to strengthen compliance with SPS requirements
COMMODITY: Fresh and Processed Fruit and Vegetables
COUNTRY: Thailand

This FAO technical cooperation project, carried out in Thailand reviewed current practices for assuring quality and safety of fresh and processed fruit and vegetables along the food chain, covering produce for the export and domestic market. It reviewed government responsibilities to promote GAP at farm level but also focussed on strengthening national capacity: GMP and HACCP programmes in packing and processing units, microbiological analysis and the inspection and certification programme.

Further information: Food Quality and Standards Service website (html)

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