Other FAO Reference Material


Database on Good Agricultural Practices in Latin America (html)

Fresh fruit and vegetable quality and safety database (html)

Codex Standards for fresh fruit and vegetables (html)

FAO International Code of Conduct on the Distribution and Use of Pesticides (html)

Integrated Pest Management (html)

Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (html)

Sustainable Agriculture for Rural Development (SARD)
SARD Website (html)
SARD Initiative Website (html)

Organic Agriculture at FAO (html)

Conservation Agriculture at FAO (html)

Agricultural Marketing Website (html)

Information network on post-harvest operations (html)

Joint FAO/IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) Division website (html)

Manuals and Papers

Technical Guidelines for Good Agricultural Production Practices Brazil (Embrapa) (pdf)

FAO Commodities and Trade Technical Papers (html)

Voluntary standards and certification for environmentally and socially responsible agricultural production and trade paper (pdf)

Manual for the Preparation and Sale of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (pdf)

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