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Investing in the livestock sector: Why Good Numbers Matter

A Sourcebook for Decision Makers on How to Improve Livestock Data

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Year of publication: 2014
Publisher: FAO
Pages: 144 p.
Job Number: I3706
Office: Agriculture and Consumer Protection
Corporate author: Animal Production and Health Division
Personal author: Pica-Ciamarra, U.; Baker, D.; Morgan, N.; Zezza, A.; Azzarri, C.; Ly, C.; Nsiima, L.; Nouala, S.; Okello, P.; Sserugga, J.


This Sourcebook on livestock data summarizes the activities and outputs of the Livestock in Africa: Improving Data for Better Policies Project. It provides guidance to decision makers responsible to collect and analyze livestock data from differ¬ent perspectives on how to systematically address livestock data-related issues within the context of the national agri-cultural statistical system. In particular, it first develops the skeleton of a sound livestock statistical system, consistent with the demand of livestock information by stakehold¬ers and the principles of the Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics (World Bank, 2011) , which represents the foundation for producing good livestock data. It then presents a sample of methods and tools and associated examples designed to improve the quantity and quality of livestock data available to decision makers. These tools and methods target household and farm level data for example, trade data and the role of expert informants to generate statistics are not dealt with in the Sourcebook and to a large extent have been tested in the context of the implementation of Living Standards Measurement Studies and small-scale data collection exercises in Niger, Tanzania and Uganda. They were jointly identified and developed based on dialogue between the Livestock in Africa: Improving Data for Better Policies Project and users and suppliers of livestock data and statistics at country level, including the Ministry responsible for livestock development, the National Statistical Authority, and other national and pan-African public and private sector data stakeholders. As such, they address data issues which are of broad interest to livestock stakeholders: the 23rd session of the African Commission for Agricultural Statistics (AFCAS, December 2013) recommend¬ed country governments in the continent adopt some of the tools and methods presented in the following chapters to improve the quantity and quality of the livestock information available to decision makers.

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